Notary Public - What do I do?

The title Notary Public (often shortened to “Notary”) is used in most jurisdictions around the World, but with widely differing qualification requirements and functions.

In the “Civil Law” countries of Europe, for instance, Notaries are lawyers appointed as public officers, whose functions include preparing and validating documents recording legal transactions, such as the transfer of property. In most states of the USA, by contrast, Notaries generally need no legal qualifications and have more limited functions.

Most Notaries are also Solicitors. For historical reasons, Notaries are registered and supervised by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, although this does not imply any religious connections.

Most Notaries are members of the Notaries Society.

In England and Wales, Notaries are Lawyers appointed and qualified to prepare or witness deeds and other documents for use anywhere in the World, for the purposes of commercial or private transactions.

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